June 2022

In this bonus episode, Layla Saad interviews Nina Everflow, an extraordinary instructional design, and course creation consultant. This course simply wouldn’t exist without her so get ready for a behind-the-scenes listen to the story of how this course came to be.

Become a Good Ancestor

August 2023

In this episode Nikita and Nina explore the transformative power of play in adult life. Nina opens up about her personal journey of rediscovering playfulness after a stressful college experience, which led to health issues. Through her own experiences as an entrepreneur, Nina emphasizes the importance of infusing play into daily life as a way to rebalance the mind-body relationship.

Headphones & Crayons

Magical Humaning

June 2023

Nina is an e-learning expert who supports leaders across large and small organizations in developing meaningful learning environments for long-term impact and change. Her passion for personal transformation guides her unique approach to building learning environments inclusive of diverse people, places and platforms.

January 2024

We discuss how ancient cultural techniques can foster curiosity and bridge the gap between values and behaviors. Nina shares her personal journey of self-discovery, including her spiritual practices and the importance of self-awareness. We also explore her experience with epilepsy and the energetic approach to healing. Nina even discusses her connection to the land and her commitment to being a good steward in healing colonial wounds.

F*ck Being Stuck

April 2024

Join us on the No Ordinary Love Podcast as we welcome Nina Everflow, an activist for joy and a beacon of wisdom in navigating the complexities of love and personal growth. This episode takes us on a journey through Nina's insights on love, relationships, and the power of embracing joy even in the face of adversity.

No ordinary love podcast

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