IS inclusive
IS holistic
IS FOR Rebels

My approach to instructional design is anti-racist. It uncovers the ways that supremist thinking has unconsciously disrupted how effective you tell, teach and train, This bias limits the diverse ways humans learn to a handful of methodologies. My approach helps us rebel against these illusions, creating inclusive spaces of integrity and alignment.

A joy to work with!

Her care, creativity and energy not only make her a joy to work with, but results in a learning experience that is nourishing for my people.
- Layla S.

I would highly recommend Nina as you create or re-define a course to become a more equitable offering.
- Amaya C.

A true gift!

After working with Nina, a participant described the session as magical! Others have poured gratitude for how intentional and thoughtful the sessions feel.
- Love O.

Magical results!