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You’re here because you’re driven by a vision. A vision that you want to share with others.

Fostering a nurturing and intentional space is extremely important to you. You’ve built your frameworks and course content around empowering breakthroughs and inner revelations that help people discover a deeper connection to themselves.

Yet, you don’t always feel as though you’re connecting with those outside of your own experiences or perspectives. This can feel like creating communities that reflect a single voice or point of view.  

The reason why you may not be building connections with a diverse audience is that the conversations and training around traditional course creation don’t engage with or even acknowledge, the true impact of systems of oppression.

Through the Inclusive redesign framework, you can connect with new and diverse audiences sustainably and consistently.

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Showcase your vision and knowledge with captivating webinars through done-for-you creative program design, setup, technical support, and more.

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Let’s uncover more possibilities for personal transformation in your program by developing an effective strategy to help you build (or strengthen) learner outcomes.

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Course Rebel is dedicated to dismantling and reimagining course design through an anti-oppressive lens.

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How I Can Help You

Nina has been an integral part of my team this year, as I developed a series of brand new course offerings. Her care, creativity and energy not only make her a joy to work with, but results in a learning experience I know will be nourishing and transformative for my people.

Layla Saad, Author & Podcaster

Kind Words

I am a Black American, living on Powhatan land, now known as Richmond, Virginia USA. My pronouns are she/her.

I’m a digital learning strategist and intercultural facilitator with almost 20 years of experience facilitating, coaching and designing inclusive online learning.

I help purpose-led content creators craft transformative learning experiences. I believe we can co-create safer virtual worlds and foster genuine relationships across identity, place, and technology.

Let’s empower our community through affirming and inclusive learning spaces where honoring difference while holding ourselves accountable helps us all thrive.

I know you’re a dedicated and courageous person who is ready to ditch the exclusive and played-out ways of making courses and learning content. I work with courageous and soulful women who teach online who are ready to ditch the traditional curriculum and build virtual spaces that are safe and nurturing.

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