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Learning is a portal to endless possibilities. Not only in what we learn, but also in how we connect with others.

Have you ever noticed how disappointing it feels when the course content is only speaking to one experience or perspective?  

That’s because traditional instructional design wasn’t built for folks across different identities. And if the course designer isn't actively interrupting their learned bias, the result can be a learning experience that feels exclusive, or worse, harmful to those from different cultural backgrounds. 

Despite what the industry will tell you, you can integrate your values in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion without breaking the bank or feeling frozen in guilt or shame.

As a heart-centered educator you’re here because you want to share your gifts and knowledge without excluding people.

I want to help you foster deeper connections with your learners and build inclusive spaces in your courses. 

Let’s bring your vision and gifts to light.

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Skip the hassle and get a done-for-you webinar series design package. I’ll help you prepare and deliver an enriching learning experience for your community.

Personalized webinar design & delivery

We’ll collaborate to craft an effective strategy built around the thriving experience you want your clients to have when taking your course or program.

Creative Course design strategy

Collaborate with a supportive group of conscious leaders dedicated to building and strengthening their anti-racism practice and education. 

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"Working with Nina expanded my understanding of what is possible in adult learning. Nina's guidance, encouragement and expertise helped me design content that is engaging and relevant to the learner."
Eva Bauer, Mediation Expert

"Working with Nina is one of my best business and personal sanity decisions. Our work together not only expanded the message from my book into a course, but more importantly created valuable learning experiences what will touch thousands of lives. I cannot imagine how I would have done this without Nina."
Deanna Singh, Author & DEI Consultant

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My Approach

I combine my virtual learning design knowledge with ID&E best practices to help you deliver online learning experiences that foster deeper connections with humans of any hue.

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