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It’s not your fault that the systems are set up this way, but it is your responsibility to do things differently for the people that trust you to lead. 
As the founder, leader and curriculum developer, you have the power to teach someone differently than how you were taught, coach differently than you were coached, sell differently than you were sold to.

You have the power to be a Course Rebel! 

And hey, it’s not easy to admit our shortcomings, apologize for our mistakes and speak out vulnerably when something isn’t right. 

But if we don't change these small actions in the sphere of our control, the macro doesn’t change. 

If you want to see the world change, the policies shift, the systems rewritten — you have to take responsibility for showing up differently in the places where you make the rules.

I’m willing to bet you’ll find that vulnerable process to be much easier to navigate if you have a community to turn to when the hard parts come up. 

You’ll find that community in Course Rebel. 


You want to design a learning space that sparks deep inner revelations without using oppressive and discriminatory frameworks.

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We all deserve a nurturing space to explore how we can do better and be better in this world. We’re told all of this is achievable by just ticking off checklists and attending a webinar or two.

That once we do this, we’re good. That we don’t need to fundamentally re-evaluate and reshape the content and knowledge we’re sharing with our community.

But I’m here to tell you right now: that’s just not enough.

When frameworks built by oppressive systems are used, they don’t reflect the diverse identities and experiences of our communities.

Learning within these systems can feel:

      Harmful—dismissal and devaluing of non-dominant cultural contributions  
      Inauthentic—requiring BIPOC to assimilate into homogenous community/identity
      Aggressive—pressured to continue the status quo because it “works”

Have you ever noticed how gross this feels?

The good news is we don’t have to keep feeling this way. We can build thriving experiences that don’t cause harm and exclude. We can build experiences that connect communities across difference and identity. We can align our anti-racism to our business practices and actively participate in building safer and transformative spaces. 

Let’s use our learning spaces for liberation, and dismantle systems of oppression.

You want to strengthen your anti-racism practice and incorporate inclusion throughout your virtual learning spaces. 

You’d love to create content that’s inclusive of all hues and identities while enriching your community.

You want to be in a community with other conscious leaders striving to build safe and nourishing virtual spaces to grow and learn.

You’re ready to leave behind traditional learning design frameworks that exclude and perpetuate harm to others.

You're here because...

Let's do this

Joining Course Rebel will strengthen your anti-racism practice and improve your ability to dismantle oppressive systems through a supportive community backed by inclusive frameworks.

I can’t wait to meet you.

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